n. adj. v. worked (Archaic except in some senses, esp.35,37,40)wrought; working.
1) exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something; labor; toil
2) something on which exertion or labor is expended; a task or undertaking
3) productive or operative activity, esp. employment to earn one's living:
to look for work[/ex]
4) one's place of employment:
Don't phone me at work[/ex]
5) materials, things, etc., on which one is working or is to work
6) the result of exertion, labor, or activity; a deed, performance, or product
7) civ an engineering structure, as a building or bridge
8) civ a building, wall, trench, or the like, constructed or made as a means of fortification
9) mac works
a) mac (used with a sing. or pl. v.) a place or establishment for manufacturing (often used in combination):
b) mac the working parts of a machine:
the works of a watch[/ex]
c) Theol. righteous deeds
10) phs the transfer of energy, as measured by the scalar product of a force and the distance through which it acts
11) inf the works
a) everything; all related items or matters:
a hamburger with the works[/ex]
b) harsh or cruel treatment
12) of, for, or concerning work:
work clothes[/ex]
13) to do work; labor
14) to be employed, esp. as a means of earning one's livelihood
15) to be in operation; be functional, as a machine or system:
The elevators are working again[/ex]
16) to act or operate effectively:
This plan works[/ex]
17) to attain a specified condition, as by repeated movement:
The nails worked loose[/ex]
18) to have an effect or influence, as on a person or on a person's mind or feelings
19) to move in agitation, as the features under strong emotion
20) to make way with effort or under stress:
The ship works to windward[/ex]
21) chem. to ferment, as a liquid
22) naut. Naut. to give slightly at the joints, as a vessel under strain at sea
23) to use, manage, or operate (an apparatus, contrivance, etc.)
24) to bring about (any result) by or as if by work or effort:
to work a change[/ex]
25) to manipulate or treat by labor:
to work butter[/ex]
26) to put into effective operation
27) to make (a mine, farm, etc.) productive
28) to carry on operations or activity in (a district or region):
That salesman works the Northeast[/ex]
29) to make, fashion, or execute by work
30) to achieve or win by work or effort
31) to keep at work:
to work one's employees hard[/ex]
32) to solve (a puzzle or arithmetic problem)
33) to cause a strong emotion in:
to work a crowd into a frenzy[/ex]
34) to influence or persuade, esp. insidiously:
to work other people to one's will[/ex]
35) inf to use to one's advantage:
He worked his charm in landing a new job[/ex]
36) clo to make or decorate by needlework or embroidery
37) to cause fermentation in
38) phv work in or into
a) to blend in
b) to include after some effort:
Try to work me into your schedule[/ex]
39) phv work off
a) to lose or dispose of, as by exercise or labor:
to work off a heavy meal with a long walk[/ex]
b) to pay or fulfill by working:
to work off a debt[/ex]
40) phv work on or upon, to exercise influence on; persuade
41) phv work out
a) to bring about by work, effort, or action
b) to solve, as a problem
c) to arrive at by or as if by calculation
d) to pay or fulfill by working; work off
e) to exhaust, as a mine
f) to issue in a result
g) to evolve; elaborate
h) (of a total, specified figure, etc.) to amount; add up:
The total works out to 176[/ex]
i) to prove effective or successful:
Their marriage just didn't work out[/ex]
j) to practice, exercise, or train, esp. in an athletic sport:
boxers working out at a gym[/ex]
42) work over
a) phv to study or examine thoroughly
b) inf to beat unsparingly
43) cvb phv work through, to deal with successfully; come to terms with
44) phv work up
a) to move or stir the feelings of; excite
b) to prepare; elaborate:
Work up a proposal[/ex]
c) to cause to develop by exertion:
to work up an appetite[/ex]
Etymology: bef. 900; (n.) ME worke, OE worc, r. ME werk(e), OE weorc, c. OFris, OS werk, OHG werah, werc, ON verk, Gk érgon syn: work, drudgery, labor, toil refer to exertion of body or mind in performing or accomplishing something. work is a general word that refers to exertion that is either easy or hard: pleasurable work; backbreaking work. drudgery suggests continuous, dreary, and dispiriting work, esp. of a menial or servile kind: Cleaning these blinds is sheer drudgery. labor denotes hard manual work, esp. for wages: Repairing the bridge will require months of labor. toil suggests wearying or exhausting labor: The farmer's health was failing from constant toil.

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